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Lake Cabin Vacation Rentals

Welcome to Fishermans Cove Cabins, where amazing cabin rentals by the lake are just a click away. Our lake cabin rentals on beautiful Lake Conroe are your ticket to a well-deserved homeaway vacation.

Cabin Rentals

Welcome to Fishermans Cove Cabins, your dream vacation getaway right on Lake Conroe. This cozy 900 sq ft cabin rental decorated with pizzazz by a professional artist with ‘nature’ and ‘lake’ themes is your Texas vacation destination. Have a look at our cabins and schedule a date to get away!

Welcome to Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe offers spectacular boating, jet-skiing, fishing, swimming, paddle wheel steamer (trips and dinner cruises) and endless opportunities to have fun during any season of the year. Fishermans Cove Cabins offers spectacular, luxury, lakeside cabins for that special getaway, offering all the amenities you’re looking for and more!

Cabin By The Lake

CABINS 112 and 113

We have two identical, beautifully decorated cabins to choose from.

Cabin Rentals

Cabin 112

Sleeps 8, King and Queen Beds, Twins and Inflatables

From $200/night
Cabin 113

Cabin 113

Sleeps 8, King and Queen Beds

From $200/night


The Fisherman’s Cove Lakeside Resort (a different company) manages the laundry facility, clubhouse, pool, hot tub, community barbecues, boat ramp and bait shop (seasonal). All of these facilities are available for you to enjoy. The Clubhouse has a pool table and a cinema viewing room.


There is a living room area, kitchen area, two bedrooms, full bathroom, 220 sq.ft. loft with stairs (not a ladder), front porch with loveseat, table and chairs and a MEGA-DECK surrounding most of the cabin (shared by both cabins). Our cabins are located on “the Point” so we have an uninterrupted, 270° view of the beautiful lake.


Catch fish from the comfort and privacy of your deck with the only water lighting in Fishermans Cove. Tie your boat next to the cabin. On the deck we have a gas grill, 6-seat umbrella-covered dining table, chairs and a second, umbrella covered seating area for your enjoyment. Tie your boat on the cleats, right next to the deck.


Beautifully decorated bedrooms with quality, upgraded linens and towels provided. Prepare a snack or meal in the fully-equipped kitchen. Smoke alarms and fire extinguisher also provided for your safety.


For inside entertainment, there are HD big-screen TVs and lots of DVDs, toys/games for the whole family. Outside you can enjoy the magical sunrises and sunsets. Watch the native birds and ‘swimming cows’ (yes, cows).

Awesome tiny home community for rent on a cove at Lake Conroe. You can rent for the summer or anytime. Rental homes are established rentals.
Local Guide Testimonial
Linda Wilson
Local Guide
Would you like to wake up, smell the coffee and take a cup out to a comfortable chair on your private deck? You can sit and watch the ducks, herons, cranes, spoonbills and possibly an eagle soar by within feet of your comfort spot. Imagine a pleasant breeze coming from the south and lots and lots of sunshine over the lake’s waters will help you spot those jumping catfish, turtles, diving coots and fishing cormorants. You set down your coffee mug and grab the nearby fishing pole. Before you know it, your hook is baited, the line is in the water and your bobber is prancing merrily on the cool waters of Lake Conroe. Soon, you feel a pull at your rod and the line goes taught. There is a fish who found your hook and wants to challenge you to a tug of war. Instantly, you rise from your chair, grab the rod and play the fish for several minutes. Then, you watch the fish come out of the water at the end of your line and he is yours. It just doesn’t get any better than this. One of your passions is being creative on the barbecue grill. The sun is still high in the evening sky and your visions are turning to thoughts of a large piece of steak, chicken or fish, grilled to perfection over an open flame. You have prepared your feast with your special marinade and chilled your favorite beverage to pair with your meal. You take your food to the deck and open the grill. In a few seconds you have turned on the gas and the burners have come alive. Now the grill is coming up to temperature and you can almost hear the sizzle of the food touch the hot grate. You pause for a brief moment to enjoy the view around you. The western sky is turning orangy-yellow with streaks of red and blue. Your food is cooking evenly on the gas grill and the scent of the meat has reached your senses. Yes, the food is cooked to perfection and is transferred to a plate and to your table. The day is getting better and better with each passing hour. The sun is further down the horizon and having had an extra special meal, you are ready for your relaxing evening. It just doesn’t get any better than this. Perhaps you want to sit under the stars and gaze at the beautiful, stellar blanket in the sky. Perhaps you want to sit on the sofa and watch a fun movie on the DVD player and Ultra High Definition television in your cabin. Perhaps you want to go for a slow walk on the boardwalk at the edge of the lake. Perhaps a swim in the pool next to the clubhouse. Whichever you choose, it just doesn’t get any better than this. Does this look like fun? Check out our accommodations.


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